2012 Goomalling Flyer

Goomalling Flyer 9am-4pm, Sunday 11 March 2012 Railway Tce Goomalling

Railway Terrace was smoking hot at the Goomalling Flyer on Sunday 11 March 2012 in more ways than one. Temperatures in excess of 40° didn’t deter the competitors or spectators from attending the Classic Sprint Car event.

The Vintage Sports Car Club of WA was the organiser of the race event to launch the newest in a series of books written by motoring historian Graeme Cocks. The book Goomalling’s Classic Racers, available for $39.95 from the Shire of Goomalling, recounts the Round the Houses Racing events of the 40’s and 50’s. It is full of stories about the competitors, the cars and the ‘lackeys’ required to run the events. It is a great read and has some fantastic photos. It is especially amazing to see the similarities and differences in the town, now and then.

You can read more about the Goomalling Flyer 2012 below this photo gallery.

Goomalling Flyer 11 March 2012  Goomalling Flyer Vintage Car Event, Sunday 11 March 2012  Goomalling Flyer 11 March 2012
Goomalling Flyer 11 March 2012  Goomalling Flyer 11 March 2012  Goomalling Flyer Vintage Car Event, Sunday 11 March 2012 
Goomalling Flyer 11 March 2012  Goomalling Flyer Vintage Car Event, Sunday 11 March 2012  Goomalling Flyer 11 March 2012 
Goomalling Flyer 11 March 2012  Goomalling Flyer 11 March 2012  Goomalling Flyer 11 March 2012   

Just as in those post war years the 2012 event was supported by people from far and wide and, of course, by the community spirited people of Goomalling.  Road closures and market preparations began at 6am, those setting up commented on what a lovely day it was and wouldn’t it be fantastic if the temperature remained the same! It must have been barely 30°, of course it didn’t remain the same, and by 10am we were all chasing refreshments and shade.

Anstey Park was a bustle of people checking out the variety of market stalls from the very popular recycled garden art to delicious biscuits and preserves.

Graeme Cocks was afforded prime location for his book signing at the front of the park close to the racing action on the Terrace.

Avid motoring and photo devotee Ken Devine enhanced the ‘Goomalling Classic Racers’ stand with photos of past motoring events, including some of the photos used in the book.

The competitors had two runs prior to the official launch of the book at 11.30am when all the competitors, with their vehicles, formed up in front of Anstey Park to add to the atmosphere.

The Historical Society, Community Resource Centre, Go Café, Tavern, the ice cream van and Goomalling Community Bank Manager were all kept busy supplying refreshments. A nice little injection of cash for the local economy.

Another four runs were held after a short lunch break and the sprint event wound up at around 2pm a little earlier than anticipated but welcomed because of the heat.

The car event was a time trial over 440 metres with 25 competitors having six runs. The race started at the corner of James St and Railway Tce, a chicane through the Railway Station (to show more skill and so speed would not present risk issues) then a ‘garage’ park in the truck bay in front of the hotel.

Charlie Erwin provided a running commentary entertaining those down near the finish line.

Many thanks

Events such as these don’t just happen. There was an enormous amount of planning; the road closure and insurance compliance were weeks of negotiations. Members of the VSCCWA Ross Oxwell, Robyn Larkin and Craig Bradtke worked tirelessly to ensure the event would be successful.

As soon as the event was included in the VSCCWA calendar Randle Beavis, Specialised Tree Services, phoned the Shire offering his financial support for the event. The Water Corporation also supported the event with free water for the voluntary workers; we thank them both most sincerely.

The Footy Club were the supporting marshals for the day and performed their tasks commendably, and received an outstanding report from the CAMS officials.


 “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people of Goomalling who helped make Sunday’s book launch so successful. To see how everyone worked in such trying conditions was a credit to all those involved.

Well done to the car club members for a great show in such hot conditions.

Graeme Cocks’ book has certainly hit the spot on the history of Goomalling’s car racing, the photos of Goomalling have created a lot talk on how the town has changed, the shire has had a lot of feedback on how we might improve this event for the future but these things can only happen with you, the volunteers, coming forward to help run a successful meeting.

Well done to everybody in such hot conditions experienced on Sunday.”

Cr John Bird
Shire President, Shire of Goomalling

 “Celebrating Goomalling’s motoring history, the Goomalling Flyer – what a way to spend a Sunday watching classic and vintage cars participating in the time trials. Racing up the main street. Trying for the best times whilst having to park in a pretend garage at the finish line. There were plenty of hotdogs and cold drinks. The Go Café looked very busy, there was plenty to look at around the market stalls. Even a book launch of the Goomalling classic racers. What an excellent day – hopefully more of these to come.”

Jamie O’Garr

“I found the speeches fantastic,  John as usual spoke really well and welcomed everyone to Goomalling and thanked them for the special effort made in such extreme heat and then he handed over to Graeme Cocks who spoke with such passion about the book and the help he had by the way of photos and little stories. I found his speech interesting as I knew that the money from the races went towards building the Goomalling War Memorial Pool but I didn’t realise so many men lost their lives in the War because they couldn’t swim. This was the reason the community wanted to build a pool, to teach people to swim.

I would love to see some of our older residents put pen to paper so facts and stories like these are not lost. It would be awesome for the younger generations to read especially with some photos.”

Mandy Bird