The Shire of Goomalling’s simple charms are pleasing to many travellers. Below are a couple of comments from happy visitors…

Janine Guenther's book “How to Become a Distinguished Talent in Australia.“Astonishingly you don’t have to travel far from the city to find these charming urban outposts. Take Goomalling for example – a town with no more streets than letters in its name. It is only about 130 km away from the bustling, seething, boisterous, hectic, noisy hub of Western Australia called Perth but when you enter this delightful wheatbelt town it feels as if you have landed on another planet or at least in another time zone – a time when the words ‘hustle’ and ‘bustle’ didn’t exist yet. Like many of its kind Goomalling seems to be forgotten by the world but it is well remembered by the many travellers who have come for a night and stayed a week or longer.”
— Janine Guenther in her book How to Become a Distinguished Talent in Australia

Some cheery caravanners from Queensland gave the following compliments to Goomalling and the Goomalling Caravan Park.

“This is a wonderful small caravan park with trees, flowers and only a five minute walk to the town centre. Natural parks are an important part of what makes a small town appealing.

I had an opportunity to visit the Men’s Shed on the Wednesday morning and boy wasn’t that interesting. These retirees, farmers and towns folks alike told me about the projects they are doing for the town and the different talks they have with guys about personal problems. They just want somebody to listen and there is every possibility these guys from the Men’s Shed have had the same experiences. I would like to thank Hans and his troops for welcoming me into their workshop. I would imagine the community has shown tremendous support and a willingness to contribute.

What stood out to us was the way the shire is protecting the environment, healthy living, community engagement and it also fits in with the appreciation of natural beauty and outdoor recreation that is part of your identity. This is what really attracts visitors and RV’s travelers to a small town like Goomalling. I see this as an important choice for your community.

Please accept our appreciation for maintaining an excellent facility and I am sure we will stop again…

Yours in Caravanning,

Michael & Valerie Piper, Queensland”

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