See and do

History, nature, farming, and a humble small wheatbelt town feel: Goomalling has striking landscapes, a variety of attractions plus great places to eat, stay and shop.

From July to September be sure to look around for the many wildflowers and orchids that brighten up the street edges and bushland.

South Goomalling

Visit Jennacubbine to see St Isadores Church then enjoy the country hospitality at Jennacubbine Tavern. Stretch your legs at the Mortlock River picnic area.

Bridge over Mortlock River in Goomalling, Western Australia

Bridge over Mortlock River on Goomalling-Toodyay Rd

Central Goomalling

Soak up the history at Slater Homestead, see the massive domes, visit the Goomalling Museum. Admire the sculptural art on the main street, sit back and relax with a great barista coffee and do some shopping.

Slater Homestead, Goomalling, Western Australia

Slater Homestead

North Goomalling

Visit Konnongorring and the Gabby Quoi Quoi lookout, then check out the walk trail, wetlands and gnamma holes at Oak Park.

The view from Gabby Quoi Quoi lookout, Goomalling, Western Australia

The view from Gabby Quoi Quoi lookout on a misty Winter’s day