Heritage Walk

The Goomalling Heritage Walk, an initiative of the Goomalling Historical Society, will lead you for an hour’s stroll around town and describe the history of various sites including:

  • Aerated Waters (the old cordial factory),
  • the well that serviced the first European settlers in the townsite,
  • the powerhouse and ice-works,
  • the Goomalling Convent built in 1913 that was demolished due to the Meckering Earthquake in 1968,
  • the army camp/ordinance store,
  • the saddlery,
  • and much more.

Bring your imagination and a copy of the Goomalling Heritage Walk brochure and picture how Goomalling used to be.

Get your copy from the Shire of Goomalling or download both the Goomalling Heritage Walk brochure – outside page and the Goomalling Heritage Walk brochure – inside page.

Come experience Goomalling