Orchids bloom in Goomalling, Western Australia, from July till September
Orchids bloom in Goomalling from July till September

Do you love nature? Experience the natural environments in Goomalling including Oak Park and the Mortlock River.

Southwest Australia is a biodiversity hotspot, and although most of the Shire of Goomalling was cleared for agriculture, there are still pockets of native remnant vegetation that support some of this incredible plant and animal biodiversity. For example, check out the orchid hot spot guide and the birds of Slater Homestead.

Many Goomalling farmers work at both farm and catchment levels to conserve remnant bush as well as revegetate farm land with local native species. A great example of this can be seen from the Gabby Quoi Quoi lookout near Konnongorring.

Goomalling’s agricultural landscapes, although not exactly natural, can be quite beautiful and change throughout the year – so be sure to travel to Goomalling in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter!

Nature Walk at Salmun Gum Way

Over the last couple of centuries, most of the native vegetation  in Goomalling has been cleared for agriculture, housing and roads. The bushland around Salmon Gum Way is being protected as a conservation area for nature lovers to enjoy and step back in time to rediscover our natural treasures, such as the Salmon Gum Tree, the Koomal possum and a variety of orchids and other wildflowers.

Nature Walk information sign at Salmon Gum Way, Goomalling WA
Nature Walk information sign

Remember to always wear sun protection and carry water with you when you go for a walk. And to take only photographs and leave only your footprints.