The small town of Konnongorring has a grain receival point, town hall, tennis courts and is close to the Gabby Quoi Quoi lookout, from which you can see a sample of the vast areas of native revegetation carried out by local farming families.

Konnongorring Catholic Church

The Konnongorring Catholic Church, now a private residence, can easily be seen just opposite and south of the Konnongorring Town Hall as you drive through Konno.

Konnongorring Catholic Church
Konnongorring Catholic Church viewed from the Town Hall

The church was built in 1929 on land donated by Stan McNeil. The foundation stone was laid by Lord Abbott of New Norcia, Bishop Catalan.

This Romanesque style church was dedicated to St Michael the Archangel. Regular services were held in the church until June 1974. Some years later the building was sold and converted to a private residence.


How to get to Konnongorring

  1. Head north from the Goomalling townsite along Throssell St/Main Rd for 2.5km.
  2. Turn left at the sign to Wongan Hills and continue along the Northam-Pithara Rd.
  3. Drive for 27km and you’ll arrive at Konnongorring.