A visit to Goomalling wouldn’t be complete without a meal and drink at the Jennacubbine Tavern, a visit to St Isadores or maybe even a go at the Jenna Kart Club.


St Isadore Catholic Church

St Isadore’s Catholic Church is located at Jennacubbine in the Shire of Goomalling, not far from the Jennacubbine Tavern. The gothic-style brick structure was opened in 1907 and dedicated to St Isadore, the Patron Saint of Agriculture.

WE Collins, publican of the Jennacubbine Hotel, donated the land on which this Roman Catholic church was built. The building was also used as a school until 1913. In 1914 a Chancel was added at the rear of the building.

St Isadore's Catholic Church at Jennacubbine, Goomalling, Western Australia
St Isadore’s Catholic Church, Jennacubbine


How to get to Jennacubbine

If you’re coming from the Toodyay-Goomalling Rd, head east along either Tyndall Rd or Lawler Rd, or south along Bebakine Rd (unsealed) .

If you’re coming from the Northam-Pithara Rd, head west along Yarramony Rd or Jennacubbine East Rd (unsealed).