Orchids bloom in Goomalling from July until September. These were spotted near the Caravan Park at the start of August last year.

Some to look out for include:

  • Ant Orchid – Caladenia roei
  • Blood Spider Orchid – Caladenia filifera
  • Cowslip Orchid – Caladenia flava
  • Sun Orchid – Thelymitra petrophila
  • Donkey Orchid – Diuris sp
  • Vanilla Orchid – Thelymitra antennifera

The Orchid Hot Spots guide below can be picked up from the Goomalling Caravan Park in the form of a handy car tidy bag.


Orchid hotspot guide: a map of where to find beautiful native orchids in Goomalling, Western Australia, and pictures of some orchids to look for
Beautiful native orchids could be blooming in Goomalling from July until September. Learn how to discover and identify them with this orchid hotspot guide.

Enjoy a Nature Walk through the Salmon Gum Way conservation area, which is right next to the Goomalling Caravan Park. This is one of the hotspots for orchids as well as other wildflowers and native fauna and flora.

WildflowersWA is a project designed to promote the beautiful colours and variations of wildflowers in Western Australia and provide a resource of information to improve the knowledge of our unique flora. A photographic identification systems helps you identify the wildflowers you encounter along your travels.