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Visit the Goomalling Schoolhouse Museum for a glimpse of local history. There is a display of old machinery, a rare windmill, plus a school room and adjacent school master’s residence restored to reflect the 1900-1940 era.

The museum was officially opened in 1978 and is located on Throssell Street next to the swimming pool, and consists of:

  • The 1906 headmasters’ house consists of rooms decorated in the style of the era with an external laundry room. It also houses the Roads Board conference table and chairs, and framed photographs of many of the Roads Board members.
  • The re-sited Konnogorring one-teacher school, which operated between 1925 and 1973/74, has been restored and furnished to typify the local and isolated schools which were scattered throughout country districts. The school museum mural, completed in 2008 by Roy Smith, was designed and painted to give some insight into school days during the time of one teacher schools.
  • The shed features old and rare machinery and equipment from the area such as a clover harvester, rabbit eradication paraphernalia, blacksmithing equipment and one of the best windmill head collections in the Wheatbelt.
  • A transportable room was added in 2013 to house the telecommunication and various other collections.
  • 1950’s Austin school bus and a century old wooden wagon, used for carting wheat locally, are also part of the collection housed within the museum precinct.

The museum collection includes an array of photographs and documents pertaining to the area, including family photographs and histories, homesteads, organisations and buildings of significance to the area.

Opening times

The museum is open by appointment. Call 0429 906 918 (Therese),  0467 895 811 (Peta) or 0428 291 195 (Harold).

Admission fee is $2.00pp.

For history buffs

The book Goomalling – a Backward Glance gives a detailed account of Goomalling’s history.

You can browse it at the Goomalling Community Resource Centre or buy your own copy for only $33 at:

Goomalling’s Classic Racers by Graeme Cox depicts the classic motor races held in Goomalling between 1949 and 1955.

Photo by Bo Wong
'Goomalling a Backward Glance: a History of the District' by Barbara Sewell